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ExxonMobil has announced it will be working with local businesses in the Baton Rouge, LA area by helping them connect and finding opportunities to work together though long lasting partnerships and business relationships. To kick start this initiative they held a digital meeting over Zoom to discuss their interest in the local business ecosystem and finding ways to connect.

Kevin Anderson who is Executive Vice President of WFG Industrial attended the conference and says he is excited to partner with other small, local business in the area to help build Baton Rouge with the Right People on the Right Projects.

With extensive experience throughout the energy sectors in verticals such as construction, mining, oil & gas, petro chemical, power generation, pulp & paper and more, WFG Industrial is always looking for local people and businesses to partner with.

Our expertise lies in providing workforce solutions to those that need highly skilled and qualified staff at their industrial job site. We have a proven track record of partnering with companies like ExxonMobil and others to help them get their projects completed. If you’re a local business in Baton Rouge and in search of new and exciting ways to partner please don’t hesitate to reach out.