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In the age of 21st century recruiting technology, many industrial companies and staffing firms are still trying to figure out the best and most efficient ways to find qualified talent to staff their next project.

On the surface, finding a qualified employee may seem pretty straight forward: post on a job board and let the resumes roll in.  But there’s actually much more that goes into it as I have discovered in my 25+ years of recruiting experience where I have help hire thousands of industrial workers over various industries.

In order to hire people at scale it’s important to understand what exactly you need beyond just a specific skill set and how to translate those needs to your HR & Recruiting departments. This has often been the most difficult step: getting HR to find the candidates you want and need. I have spent countless hours trying to solve this problem and have developed specific criteria beyond just skills that my HR and Recruiting departments can look at when hiring. 

They  include some of the following:

  • Can pass a background check
  • Can pass a drug test
  • Have the proper safety certifications
  • Have the proper licenses
  • Are a right fit for a particular job site and location
  • Can pass a behavior and skill assessment
  • Salary requirements are in line with candidate expectations
  • And much, much more… 

Including these additional criteria has helped tremendously in both reducing the number of unqualified candidates that get through initial screening and increasing the number of qualified candidates that make it to the next step. 

By creating additional “filters” that help weed people out you can save significant time and resources in your recruiting efforts and make everyone’s life a little easier. But as I mentioned earlier, this requires constant communication and feedback with your HR departments to make sure they keep sending you the right candidates.

What’d I’d like to know is what techniques and strategies have you employed to improve your recruiting efforts? Are you doing something similar or completely different?

Let us know below, we love to learn from others and see how we can improve!