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COVID-19 Requirements

At WFG Industrial we have taken specific precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the safety of our employees and those they come into contact with. Below you will see an outline of our safety requirements. Please note this is the minimum requirements that are met by each employee working on various job sites. Our primary goal is to reduce risk and keep everyone safe. Please note that these requirements may change at any time as new information emerges and the situation evolves.


All employees should receive COVID-19 specific training on the job site. We aim to educate everyone about the virus is, how it spreads and what the symptoms are, how to protect yourself and precautions to take should you be exposed. Employee evaluations before work and at work are also integral to preventing it from spreading around.

Daily Evaluations

Daily evaluations are to take place where the workforce is evaluated before the start of each work day. This is to include a daily pre-screening questionnaire for symptoms, travel to high risk areas and temperature. If employee answers Yes to any question, they should contact their supervisor prior to arriving to work and are not to be allowed on the job site.

Foreman is to monitor all employees throughout the work day. If anyone presents any symptoms such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing etc, they should be sent home immediately. In the event someone is sent home or unable to report in due to illness HR should be informed.


Employees should maintain regular hygiene and cleanliness in accordance with CDC recommendations. This includes washing your hands with hotwater and soap for atleast 20 seconds and avoiding touching your face.

Social Distancing

Social distancing should be practiced on all job sites as much as possible. The primary goal of social distancing is to be atleast 6 feet apart from each person. Avoid things such as clustering and close gatherings. When social distancing is not possible, use protective measures to protect yourself and others.