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BoomNation & WFG Industrial had a preliminary meeting to discuss the industrial craft labor market and the need for real time analytics of craft availability, certifications, and a craft personnel score card.

Brent Flavin Co-founder of BoomNation stated, “ The challenge today for skilled workers is transparency of opportunity. Skilled workers are forced to rely solely on their word of mouth networks to find opportunities. In the skilled trades your busy working yourself out of a job, and as things are today it might be days, weeks, or even months before skilled workers find their next opportunity. Technology has forgotten about the skilled worker.

There is not a single source for skilled worker to find work, market themselves, connect with other skilled workers, share their work, and upskill & reskill.

At BoomNation we innovate not just for the skilled worker, but for the entire hiring experience within the ecosystem of skilled trades. We have set out to solve the inefficient hiring process as a single-source platform where skilled workers and employers are the focus of the innovation.”

WFG Industrial Executive Vice President Kevin Anderson stated,” We will continue to explore the BoomNation single-source platform as the future for craft recruiting”